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Creating Elegance and Joy

Our Story 

Grace’s Joy Candle Co. LLC is a family business. Founder and CEO Andrea Hemphill is a loving self-care advocate with over 28 years in the Human Services Field as a Social Worker. As the wife of a career-long Retired United States Marine Corps Warrant Officer and the mother of three, Andrea constantly researched and embraced projects and plans for relaxation, family fun, ways to unwind, ways to reflect to ease the stresses of everyday life, and to bring joy to the family.  After creating that first hand-poured candle, the wax/candle business research began. Andrea then found herself making candles for neighbors, family members, and friends, even for small events, she needed to share with others in the community the relaxing and enlightening effects of the 'Candle Making Experience'.

The company was named after the founder’s mother Grace, who had a strong shared belief that one should always provide services within their community that will bring positivity.

Andrea constantly encourages others with the expression ‘Remember to bloom where you’re planted and thrive’, which the Hemphill family has often modeled as they traveled through the United States, adjusting to different environments and impacting the communities in which they lived.

 At Grace’s Joy, we will strive to ensure a relaxed environment offering aromatherapeutic blends of candles and scents; where one can enjoy the craft of hand pouring their very own signature scented candle or melts while making lasting memories with joy, love, and laughter in a diverse community.

Candle Maker

Our Mission

Grace's Joy Candle Co. LLC will strive to provide a hand crafted and hand poured Candle Experience, while helping to make lasting memories and promoting togetherness. 

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